Regional Info & Links

Nestled in a resource-rich land between the Niobrara and Missouri rivers on Nebraska's northeastern border, our region is the premier destination for your every recreational need. Ohiya Casino & Resort is closely located to access to the Missouri River, and the surrounding areas are ideal for picnicking, horseback trail rides, hiking, fishing, hunting, history or just spending some time relaxing with Mother Nature.  Our land also boasts a large population of white-tailed deer and wild turkeys that roam freely. Beaver, muskrat and mink prowl the riverbanks, and a great variety of birds also grace the skies. Nature's many gifts are readily visible during a drive along scenic Highway 12 and our surrounding region.

Not only does our region focus on the preservation of nature, our Tribe also focuses heavily on the preservation of education and stewardship of the land and environment. Visit our supporting sites to learn more about the many wonderful features of our tribe’s nation.

Below are links to websites of regional importance and education:

Santee Sioux Tribe

Santee Community School

Niobrara State Park

Santee Parks & Wildlife

Nebraska Indian Community College

Ponca Tribe of Nebraska